Why not? seems to be a question we often ask ourselves when confronted with an imposed limit or boundary that begins to feel uncomfortably confining, whether it be physical or mental. When the need to expand becomes a necessity, then this question becomes an affirmation that gives us the strength and incentive to surpass those boundaries…Why not!

WhynotNews is a neo established independent news portal for people interested in expanding their knowledge on cannabis and natural holistic health approaches. As the collective consciousness evolves and the hunger for information on cannabis and other alternative solutions increases, it is important to keep the global community connected and informed on the political, economical and scienific evolutions and discoveries worldwide of Mother Natures remedies. We want to provide our readers with the most current and reliable information with the intent to stimulate thought, awareness and spiritual growth that can help us reach out beyond the boundaries we have created for ourselves.

For starters, we have a small group of handpicked international contributors providing our readers with interesting eye-opening content that is not available on mainstream news channels. Our staff also seeks out interesting articles on the net and makes them available to you without the intention to plagiarize anyones work, but to direct to it the deserved attention. Our focus is to feed yearning minds with information taken from a human and holistic perspective.
We are enthusiastic to expand our circle of  writers, so if you are interested in contributing to our pool of thought contact us at info@whynotnews.net